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a male. they ve not released his name and they havenot told us whether he was driving or a passenger on the bus. but they did tell us they have to notify the famiy. i want to step out of the way, because i want to show y -- i want to show you the hov flyaway because at this point what we know i that this 26 passenger wolfbus, this tour bus, shortly around 4:00 was leaving the d.c. area traveli northbound and somehow someway it left the roadway completely, went airborne, hit the em bankment. at some point after tt it rested on a jersey wall north of the democracy boulevard on northbound 270 here, resng on the jersey wall. earlier we thought it hit cars sp upon impact. it did not happen.
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there were at least two cars that hit trying to swerve the light st. again, as you mentioned, 12 people taken to the hospital. four of them are in critical condition. wi talked to a woman right after we arrived on the scene here who was travel behd the bus. she became part of the rescue effort. let's take a listen as to what she had to say. >> we had to stop. we were calling 911 and helping other people. >> how many were on the bus? >> let me see. maybe six kids? four, five, maybe six kids. >> how many adults? >> i think three ladies. three ladies and three more adults signed the bus.
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>> reporter: okay. at this point we know it's 256-passenger van owned by wolf company, but we do not know just how many people were on the van. the assistant fire chief scott graham did tell me that he did not think the van was full, but, again, at this point we don't know precisely how many were on the van, but we do know there were children. in fact, when we arrived asaw a child being carried away on a stretcher. he or she was in pretty bad shape. i don't want to speculate on the age but if i had to guess, between 6 and 11, 6 an 10. we're starting to ar from the hospital -- in fact, i got a short e-mail about the number o folks who have been taken to that hospitalspecifically, two trauma, both in fair condition there. five walk-ins for bumps and bruises, three more children expected. all of those should have minor injuries. again, the extrication process has been complete. we were down on the scene maybe
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about 15, 20 minutes ago. they've got about all of the folks out of the passenr bus. that point we're told they're in the process of trying to right that bus so they can toe it away. they're always told that the traffic nightmare is going to last well into the night northbound 270 is going to be shut down, quote, for the foreseeable future. that's from the emergency folks on the scene. giepgts to be handed over to the montgomery county police and maryland state police for an investigation. of course, it had been raining much of the day. they n're now in the process of looking into what price sighly caused a 26-passenger tour bus leave the roadway, flyaway and crash through an emnkment. the investigation process will begin now, but, again, the traffic debacle is going to
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continue for some time. jim, doreen, back to you guys in the studio. >> craig, how close are you to the actual bus itself, can you see? >> reporter: i'm going step out of the way. right no we're about 215 feet away. know if you can see that crane devic jutting up from a vehicle. that cne is right over the bus some of that crane is -- go ahead. >> you mentioned the northbound lanes are closed and will b obviously for some time. can you tl whether the southbound lanes are moving or not? >> reporter: i can't tell from here. i don't have that vap taj point. >> that's all right. we'll have that ter. >> hopefully we can find out right now. ashley linder joins us now from the traffic center with more on how this deadly bus crash is affecting traffic. it has been really awful out there, ashley. >> oh, yes, doreen, it has been. answer jim's question, southbound lanes are open. you certainly are going to b
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very slow as if there were lanes blocked pause you get the eye full with the flhing lights and crane equipment. but southbound lanes are open at this time. now, it does have far-reaching effects. get some of these delays, we have the one close to little river, but it also has far-reaching effects 66 eastbound. it's gm to the beltway. we've got itonetheless justo hop onto the beltway. george washington parkway was solid. the toll road was jammed up out of virginia. and river roa a lot of drivers were taking that as their alternative to get over toward silver spring and back to the beltway, but that no longer is a very good option because river road is jammed near the beltway in both directions to either leave the beltway and get out of town orto head thwart it to bypass the issue. we still have drivers on the
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outer loop coming around from georgia avenue in order to continue onto to 270 north. but the difference is you can continue only 270 north because you're on e spur at that point. but inner loop drivers are still forced to come around and not continue onto 270 but rather follow the pass and then silver spring. jim and door reap, back to you. >> this is expected to go on for hours and hours, isn't it? >> yes. so hopefully we'll get a solid work around. just for now, avoid it if you can. >> ashley, one thing i'm wondering about is people trying to get to dulles airport to make flights. any suggestions for them? >> well do, not commit to the beltway. the beltway is jammed from prior to this accident headed ward 2670 and after270 it's-inched along to make it into virginia. that's more typical of the actual rush hour delays so avoid th beltway at all costs. if you're taking the toll road
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out toward the area, it is affect. ite going totop people leaving the airport to continue toward the beltway. >> ashley linder, welcome. >> there's another important story we're covering tonight. it, in fact, involves the weather it. >> does. major rain maker is moving into our region. meteorologist doug cammerer joins us. >> the rain is over. that's the good news. think it will be done. maybe a brief shower here or there. it there is right now, live digital doppler showing over the last couple of hours the train of moisture making its way to the north. watch other the last hour or so, the rain has bn dying across the area. you see a lot of greens and then a lot of blues and light rain and no rain at all around the district. again, we're going to continue to watch as the rain makes its
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way to the sout look at this. this is why i think the rain is beginning to lapse around our area. that area of low pressure is now starting to get a little stronger. becae of that, heavier rain down around the will mingtop, north carolina area. so less moisture to the north. that area of low pressure, however, is going to moveo the north overnight tonight. so all that rain in eastern portions of north carolina will make its way tonight. then guess what? in more rain to the south. this is now the remnants of tropical storm nicole. again, we are going to watch for thatain as wll to makts way to the north. i think that rain will come here during the day on thursday. late tomorrow afternoon, into the overnight hours tomorrow. so wh are we seeing out there? >> temperaturewise we're sitting at 66 degrees. again,64 by 9:00. light rain falling. then expect the heavy rain to move back in. maybe by 11:00, 12:00.
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then maybeven some thunder. the potential is there for some severe weather. not expecting a lot with round one, but with round two wecould see a possibility of severe weher. 66 right now in the district. manassas coming in at 61. there's that moisture train coming right out of the gulf coast, right out of the caribbean and the therein. right up into our region. so we have a lot of rain to go before it's all said and done with. the main area of low pressure will continue to make its way toward the north through the night tight and into the day tomorrow and intohe night tomorrow as well. once again, some areas could easily sigh upwds of two or four inches. that's why we have that flash flood watch in effect for everybody and even a coastal flood watch for those areas that lie along the chesapeake and the river as well. tonight, what can you expect this evening?
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light rain. that's going to be about i. that will come overnight into the night tonight and into the morning. some of it will be heavy tomorrow. then as we make our way through the day tomorrow, periods of rain, heavy early and then lighter rain early fler the afternoon and wind becoming gusty and then we'll see heavy rain tomorrow night. so really two rounds of rain. one overnight tomorrow and into tomorrow morning and another one and then we calm down, friday, saturday, and sunday. rye now the weekend is looking dry. >> all right. >> thanks, doug. >> feast or famine. first it's too dry. then it's too wet. other news. it was a devastating scene when a man fell to his death from trying egs scape flames moving rough a an apartment fire. several others were seriously hurt. that started in a high-rise apartment billing on the 16th street in the columbia heights neighborhood. some are allowed to go back
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inside but many lost a lot in the fire. john trifen joins us. john? >> this morning before the sun rose, a fire broke out trapping some of the residents inside their apartment. two men got so scared they decided to jump from their fifth floor parent window. as he explained to us through his interpreter, his uncle was not so lucky. >> all i could hear him say was helpme, help me. >> reporr: d.c. fire department says around 3:45 a fire broke out on the fifth floor of this eight-floor apartment building. the flames quickly spread to the stairwell, trappingwo insid thir apartment. >> translator: there was a lot of smoke and some flames so i didn't get to go past the door because my uncle said,no, do
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not go there. that's when i reacted impulse iively. he said he grabbed the telephone cord, wrappe it around the refrigerator and threw it out the window and used it as a rope. i got out the window, got to the third floor, managed to get to the tree and get out with minor scratches. >> he thought his uncle was behind him. he looked up and saw his uncle plunge to his death landing on the spikes of a fence below. many were still asleep not knowing what was going on. a man and his two friends we alerted by a woman's two screams. >> we opened the door and actually seen this lady burnt, like her hair, her eyebrows, her shirt waslike burnt on her skin. >> hend his friends decided to grab a fire extinguishers,
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knocked on 20 neighbored' doors. he's thankful everyone made it out okay. he said he was just doing the right thing. >> i was like a helper, you know. i would want somebody to do the sail thing for me if i was sleeping. >> reporter: now d.c. fire cheese rub p say this is stille an investigation. he does not believe that this fire was started by accident. no as for the victims here, he has confirmed one person is dead. there are four still in very critical condition including a 2-year-old girl who was flown to boston shriners hospital with very serious injuries. john sh ripen, back to you in the studio. >> we're going to take a break now as we continue o coverage of that terrible bush crash on a flyaway over 270. at least one person killed. stay tuned.
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about prescription treatment options and support. my dad is the supervisor of a train station and my mom's a teaer. my dad's an auto technician. my mom's a receptionist. i'm not sure i would have been able to afford college without the tuition freeze. while tuition in other states is rising out of reach... governor o'malley made the tough choice to freeze tuition. he made my dream of going to college into a reality. i'm the first in my family to go to college. my brother and i never would have been able to afford college. even though times were tough... governor o'malley kept his promise. there's never a doubt... there's never a doubt whose side he's on. martin o'malley... moving maryland forward. >> once again tonight a terrible bus crass on the flyaway over 270, the nthbound lanes completely shut down, one person killed, 12 people taken to a hospital. we'll have more on this awful story as our broadcast continues tonight. >> the man accused in yesterday's funeral shooting on u street in the district heads to court.
6:17 pm
meanwhile police are looking four another man seen leaving the murder seen. pat collins joins us live with the develments. pat? >> reporter: according to documents the murder victim died fm a number of gunshot wounds including one to the back of the head. according to the documents police identified the getaway car, and thegetaway car led them to the murder suspect. >> what happened here on u street yesterday was without any question one of the most brazen shooting shootings that's ever happened in d.c. >> reporter: the mayor and police chief back at the scene of the crime to announce an arrest in that broad daylight murder on ustet. charged, -year-old brandon miller. his home on girard street raided by police last night.
6:18 pm
five weapons recovered there. including a shotgun, an assault rifle, and three handguns. also seized, a 2001 buick, believed to be the gunman's getaway car. the victim, jamal coates, murdered inside this suv, which crashed and flipped over after the shooting. police say a gun was also found inside that wrecked suv. police say that shooting, gang-related. >> what i think people keep missing here is every time a shooting or homicide oi kurs, we make an arrest, and then that person invoed loses their life as well. so i don't understand what kind of dispute would be worthy of not on taking someone else's life but giving your own life up. >> reporter: sources say the motive stems from a fight between two gangs that happened two months ago.
6:19 pm
yesterday, a funeral for ashley, a young woman killed in a domestic dispute september 18. sources say member es of the two ngs were at that funeral. words exchanged. those words led to bloodshed. brian weaver is an anc commissioner and for some time he's been a mentor to jamal coates. he said coates tried to break-away from those gang activities. >> for me it's really heartbreaking. for a long time, you know, every time i heard of a chuting in the neighborhood, jamal would be like don't let it be jamal. i thought we were beyond that point with him now. i thought he was doing a lot of the right things. >> reporter: now, when questioned by police, miller said he was just driving the karks giving two guys a riechld he said they did the shooting. he said he didn't know they were going do what they did. brandon miller, charged tonight with first degree murder. police looking for a secd
6:20 pm
suspect. doreen, back to you. >> pat collins reporting from north west. thank you, pat. >> we go back now to our top story, the terrible bus crash. craig melvin is t there right now. he's been covering this story all afternoon. one person was injured. 12 injured. what's the latest now? >> the latest is we do know the deceased is a male. we're told they near the process of notifying his family and once they do that, we will, of course, let you know. in fact, you know wha chief graham is going to join me here live, just a quick update. at this point, what can you tell us? what's the very latest? >> we're transitions into the investigative phase, the maryland state police, they're assembling the scene.
6:21 pm
it's a pretty lengthy phase. tot total patietents we have 12. they assisted with lighting and other logistical aspects. as far as any information and what position, dwoemt have that concrete at this point so it would be too early t speculate. >> do we know the number of children or the condition of the kids on the bus? >> we know there were children in the vehicles. >> in the vehicles. >> as far as where we're placing the children, the adults at this point, it would be too early to speculate. that comes with the reconstruction and the speculative phases. >> again, i know you're reluctant to speculate but at this point do we have any idea how a passenger bus somehow leaves the roadway and ipds up lodged into an embankment? >> no. we really don't. it's a 45-od drt drop.
6:22 pm
it was a significant impact a. significant on our film. there's no way to say concretely what happened. thers many factors that brought out. >> last but not least, the traffic impact at thimt portion 270 parking lot, much of it door we kow how much longer and what parts of 270 are going to be affected? >> 270 northbound from the inner loop of the beltway is shut dow all of those vehicles have been removed through different art real really. if you're traveling north your best bet would be to get on there, 3 # 55 or connecticut or make your way across montrose. >> thank you so much. appreciate that, sir. thank you for keeping us up to speed. jen again, jim, doreen, you heard it there. at this point they're moving into the investigation phase of thi accident.
6:23 pm
the aextrication process is complete. we should note the chief said they're not sure wether there were children on the bus. i can tell you after talking to a woman who was driving behind the bus and after talking to someone else who witnessed the aident, they did say that there were children on that bus. so we'll continue to try and figure this out. and of course we'll get more iormation and pass it along to you. >> we could see craig in video. i'm sure you could not see some video of some children being treated at the scene. they looked to be in that 6 to 10-year-old age range that dwrou you were describing earlier but it looked like a half a dozens kids at least being treated for minor injuries. >> yes. at this point that's what we're being told. craig melvin, we appreciate it. it. >> we're going to get a complete
6:24 pm
four years ago, bob ehrlich got fired as governor of maryland. for good reason. first, he protected tax loopholes for giant cable cable companies. then, he let utilities jack up our rates 72%. and for the last four years, he worked as a hired gun for big rporations, even a bank that took billions from a taxpayer funded bailout. ehrlich sides with corporate executives again and again and again tell bob ehrlich big banks and billionares don't need help. middle cde do.
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and welcome back, everybody. outside you've seen some rain. but now seeing some clearing skies and less rain around the area. actually seen a peek or a poke of sunshine out ther right now, but we're expecting to see more rain overnight tonight. as far as what we are seeing right now, we are going to continue to see that rain moving on in he across the area, and, really, sol of that rain is
6:27 pm
going to be on the heavy side as we move on through the next couple hours. once again, no rain across the region. you can see what happened over the last couple of hours, the rain making its way through the region and then fiddling on out. degrs. again, very light rain across parts of the area. but there's the rain. watch what happens. you see the rain just dying out right around the dcrea as we zoom on in here, we see that a little bit better. no rain around dc. no rain around much oforthern virginia and maryland. but still rain back the northwest and front royal along 66 and 81. that's just some light shower activity, but a lot more rain down to the south. this is where our moisture stream is coming from. north carolina is going to see a lot of rain from this as will we. they could see upwards of a half foot of rain. for us i'm thinking two to four inches of rain and more rain down to the south with the remnants of whether was tropical storm nicole.
6:28 pm
no longer tropical storm -- but that moisture will continue to make its way toward the north. once again, 66 degrees with light rain across parts of the area. the rain will be back tonight. maybe by 9:00 but really i'm thinking by 11:00 and by tomorrow morning i'm sure and that's where we'll see heavy rain overnight tonight. 61 in manassas. fredericksburg coming in at 64. satellite and radar showing that moistu train making its way straight on in from the caribbean, right through the atlantic and then right through our area. once again we're going see the rain diminish over the nxt coupling of hours and then back into the region. so flooding likely in parts of the areas. it will be bringing in rain, but by 8:00 p.m. tomorrow the center of that system will be over the area, and we're going to see a lot of wind with this sysm tomorrow afternoon. some of that win could be
6:29 pm
gusting upwards 20rks 30, 40 miles an hour. rainfall potential between now and friday morning, two to four inches. this will b in two rounds out toward the delmarva. maybe five inches. if you're back to the west, you'll seesome. one to two inches back toward the front range and toward the blue ridge mountains. this is round one, heavy rain with possible flooding. think the heaviest rain will start around 11:00, 12:00 and last through tomorrow morning. the heaviest rain will be from the d.c. area to the west. tomorrow we'll see a little bit of a rain and a break. tomorrow round two breaksin. another one to two inche winds 15 to 30 miles an hour with gusts of 40 miles an hour and in this scenario, i think the heaviest rain will stay to the east of washington. so that means the eastern shore. you'll also see the heaviest rain. that's why we do not have just a flash flood watch but also a coastal flood watch. that including the chesapeake
6:30 pm
bay area and the potomac. we could see moderate flooding. if you're in an aa prone to flooding, you probably know who you are, you can expect to see some above normal high tides over the next 24 to 48 hours. cloudy skies tonight. light rain continues in some areas. it will become heavier later tonight. think tomorrow morning's rush hour will be very troublesome. periods of rain. some will be heavy at times. 60, 65 degrees. then tomorrow afternoon, we see periods of rain. it will be heavy early but then becoming windy, 75 to 80 degrees. we'll see winds upwards of 30 to 35 miles an hour with gusts of 40. we could seen see the potential for severe weather if the storm system itself moves farther inland. we may see isolated tonights. now, 80 degrees for the hiker very windy tomorrow afternoon. still windy on friday but the
6:31 pm
winds will be shifting. things will be calming down. you'll see high temperatures. on saturday we'r definitely calm. 65 on sunday. and then we move into next week and yet another possible tropical system moving toward the area. we could be talking about mor rain late month and into the day on tuesday. so, jim, you mentioned a little bit earlier, feast or famine. now we're definitely feasting on some much needed rainfall. >> thanks, doug. >> now for an update on our developing story i bethesda, a bus crashed at around 4:00. one person killed, a dozens others injured. four of those hospitalized with n critical injuries, two of them with life-threatening conditions. we're still waiting to hear more about the victims. the bus was leaving d.c. when it ent off the hov flyover ramp
6:32 pm
and down only the embankment somehow. two cars crashed trying to avoid the bus, and a pole went down. all lanes are closed near democracy boulevar the southbound lanes are open but traffic is ve slow there, and traffic is a mess all over. >> ashley, i would presume that it's going fw a while before anything get close to normal, correct? >> ooh, yes, you hit the nail on the head with that one. this investigation is going to continue throughout the evening. it's worth mentioning the spur is blocked. if you're copping from the outer loop of the beltway youan make it through and you're beyond the issue. unfortunately the outer loop ends as the in inner loop begins. you can see this blocked. those drivers coming on, you see them sneaking on by there, they're coming on from the outer loop of the beltway, just to give you a pretty good indication of the delays, it is heavy. you're going to hit t breaks
6:33 pm
around connecticut avenue -- definitely prior to that point but that's the pace prior tohe beltway just to continue around there. it's going to be feignful slow for the remainder of the evening. the inner loop appears to be cleared out. it's looking much better headed around silver spring but unfortunately it's because everybody is jammed up well before that pointwefrmt have big delays that continue to grow. the inner loop delays begin at little river turnpike, so solid from annandale. joe and doreen back to you. sorry. jim and doreen. >> that is a very long traffic backup. let's get more on the ground of the crash scene. craig melvin ready with an update from there. craig? >> we just learned a few moments agthat the next step here in terms of the investigative process as the chopper is set to land here, chopper's going to land just soublt of the accident site. the chopper is going to pick up
6:34 pm
the trooper, take him up, do some aerial photography to add in that investigation. i nt to show you this tow truck here. this tow truck is getting ready to tow one of the cars involved in the accident. this is one of the cars that was involved in the aftermath, i shoul say, because we do know at this point the tour bus did nod directly hit one of the cars. this is one of the cars. the other car was a blue honda crv. i believee've got video of the blue honda a. but, again, for folks just joining us, shortly after 4:00 a 26 passenger van, wolf company van, there's a look at the honda that was involved, traveling northbound on the hov flyaway somehow left the roadway and either flipped on rolled, landed up on t enbank money. it then gan to rest on a jersey wall north of democracy boulevard. that tour bus, 26 passengers, at this point it is still unclear how many people were on the bus.
6:35 pm
we do know that it wasn't full, but we don't know how many people were on it. one male is dead. we kow he was a passenger on the bus. four of them at last check were in critical condition. but at this point, the two big stories, the traffic nightmare that's going to continue to exist for the foreseeable future. that's for the folks on the scene. they used the words foreseeable future. the chopper sent here to pick up the trooper to take arrow greie photographers as part of the investigation. >> we'll co back and take a look at the wet weather coming our
6:36 pm
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and hello, everyone. i'm chief meteorologist doug kammerer. we're look for potential threat of rain and flooding event. we have not seen a whole lot of rain really this year. we have been in a drought across much of the area. weo need to see the rain. unfortunately that's coming at one time. late tonight and tomorrow morning and possibly another round tomorrow night into friday morning, at least early friday morning.
6:39 pm
one thing you notice right away, you do see some rain movingp but notice how it's fizzling out around the district. we're going continue to see light rain tonight, but for the most part i think we're going to be dry for the next couple of hour til we see an area of low pressure that's gaining strength around the wilmington, north carola, area. that's when we'll see some of th heavier rain move in here around 11:00, 12:00 tonight. w, as far as what we're going be seeing over the next couple of hours, 64 degrees. by 11:00, 65 degrees. that's when i expect some of the heavier rain to move bk into the region, especially to the south. and then everybody seeing it tomorrow morning. tomorrow morning's rush hour will be problem attic when you walk out. give yourself extr time and also make sure you take that big umbrella with you. there's two rounds. that was round one. i'll talk about roundwo coming up in my forecast a little bit late ore snoon it just keeps coming. >> thank you, doug.
6:40 pm
>> aaron gilchrist is out where there arerobably more than a few people suffering a bitof frustration, trying to figure out how in the world are they going to get to where they're trying to go. am i correct, aaron? >> reporr: that's probably a nice way to put it, jim. it's been a nightmare for the last couple of hours. we spent theetter part of two hours to weave through the area that goes around here. we're on river road right above 495. right above the beltway. you can see it. those taillights you see, those arears that are working their way toward the split there, toward 270 and only the rest of the beltway, and traffic has been like that for the entire time that we've been out here tryg to track this. it's been moving but very, very, very slowly, and that's what we're seeing all up and down the highway here. we were over near democracy boulevard a little while ago.
6:41 pm
we were able to see police were rerouting traffic, turning peoplearound, bringing them off o some of the entrance ramps to the interstate down there so that they would be able to sort of clog the rest of the roadways often that area to be able to try to get to where they needed to go. we've got some traffic camer we can show you also of the beltway near the american legion bridge about a mile or so away from where we are right now. still, the backups go that far. traffic moving very slowly. it's moving very slowly. theseeoplere going to be stuck in it for some time now. as we take a look at some of the other traffic near where we are. we talked about people getting off and moving to some of the roading around here. this is river road. traffic backed up. it really starts to getgly near goldsboro road. people are moving, but it's a slow, slow drive all the way through this area going into the sort of the potomac/maryland area. that's the scene from out here
6:42 pm
today. it's going to be a while. people are going to be in traffic. police estimate it could be s several more hours before things open up. >> now would be the time to practice all the patience if one possibly has. now's the time to crank it up. thanks, aaron. >> and danellie is
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
we're going to turn our
6:45 pm
attention to sports where i think we can anticipate what might be a really interesti football game coming up. this could be a helluva -- >> we can only hope. >> michael i playing, you know, off the hook. >> lightsout. >> and donovan is capable of that kind of game. >> there's so many interesting dynamics to this game and this relationship. you know, donovan mcnabb took the eagles, as you probably know out there, you big-time football fans, to five nfc championship games in eight years. he yields every major quarterback record in franchise history and now for the first time in 12 years he's returning to philly inenemy colors. always a dangerous proposition. mcnabb has continued to say this is just another game, a game he calls a must-w. he's almost as good on the microphone as he is on the field, but nobody believes that going back to philadehia is just another game for mcnb. this game really matters. the redskins ask even the rcord
6:46 pm
at 2-2 or possibly fall in an fnc seller. they have yet to truly find the groove. the running game surely hasn't helped much, ranking 28th in the nfl and mcnabb is the fourth ranked qb in the league. he is the main storyline heading into the reunion with michael vick and the boys. >> to me i don't look at it as vick versus mcnabb. i look at it as the washington reds skins against this philadelphia eagles. i'm sure they'll look at it like we are. for me to come in with a chip on my shoulder and things of that nature, i mean every player has a chip on their shoulder about something. is this something i use? maybe just an ded chip, but i mean i got a whole seasonhead of me and that's what i focus on. for me to sit here and try to
6:47 pm
explain how my emotions may be or what's going to be going through my mind, i think it's just kind of -- as mike tyson said, ludicrous. youknow. the tng about it is i think i can respond to that better when the game is over. >> i think he has been waiting for thisame for a long time. he's way too smart to say it but i'd love for him to say one time i want to kick their butt >> he way too polished for this. >> and to his credit. >> oh, yeah. >> you don't want no bulletin board stuff up there. >> but here's funny stuff. he tees one who convind the eagles to bring michael vick to philadelphia. he said this would be a good idea, we can help get him back on his feet, mentor him. knew they were going to take a lot of heat as an organization and he was responsible for bringing them. >> that was aood call at that time. >> not necessarily now. it's going be a fun game to watch. final home game of the season for the nationals, closing out a
6:48 pm
three-game set with the phillies. ths time next week we'll be looking back on a season that had a lot of highs and lows. strasburg mania followe by strasburg heartbreak an of course there's adam dunn, a game-winning home run last night. this could be the last time we see him in a nationals uniform. let's hope that's not the ce. let's go to ldsey. you caught up with one man who might have an answer for that. >> you ask jim riggleman and h says you'll hear about it. that's where they're letting us broadcast from. john fought hard to get his girlfriend back after realizing he shouldn't have let her go in the first place. they're happy and living together. jim riggleman is goi fishing in the off-season as well as a boy's weekend. i asked also about the hottest topic for this baseball team right now and that is slugger
6:49 pm
adam dunn. adam dunn hit e game-winning home run last night. this could be his last game as a national because, of course, he hits free agency. people out there think this organization is nuts if you guys do not sign him back. why are they wrong? >> well, i ink he'll be back, you know, so i -- i think it's -- the players have negotiates -- the player's any goegs yated to get the rights they have. arbitration is one of those rights some of the playe, they get the opportunity to use that process and adam's at the peak of his career. he fwiengs to see what's out there. but i know the nationals are going t be strong bidders to bringing back, i think that he likes it here. i think that, you know, when the player wants to be here and the organizaon wants him here, that's a pretty good start so i'm pretty confident we'll have
6:50 pm
him back. >> jim, nobody else thinks he's going go coming back here. >> well, you know, i'm just using my gut feeting about it but i think it's a good fit here. i think he knows that. it's a great place to hit. i think that, you know, he and his agent are going do the best firefighter adam dunn and i think mike rizzo and the learner family aregoing do the best for the nationals organization. if he's here, he's here. if not, we'll have to make an adjustment. >> so jim riggleman confident that they'll get adam dunn here with the nationals. obviously, a lot of people think they that will not happen oce he become as free azwrept. i asked dunn if he wants to come over and talk and he said he can't do it now because ofthe anthem. i'll send it back to you. >> looks like you're having some good times in the dugout. the guys loosey-goosey, hasn't been the season they hoped for but they're ten wins bet their thain were last year.
6:51 pm
strasburg could be there next year. the future is bright, although it's take an lot longer to get to that future than fans had hoped. >> a lot of potentialthere. >> exactly. >> i hope they get that in with the rain coming. >> mr. chief meteorologist doug kammerer can tell us. >> he thinks he's pretty good. we'll find out. >> anyway, 5 1/2 innings, is th what it is? >> they've got to get 1/3 in and then it's a whole game. >> yeah. >> maybe they'llake it. >> thanks, dan. >> you're welcome. >> we' be back. you see the helicopter that craig melvin was talking about earlier leaving the scene of that awful bus crash that we've beencovering on bethesda at the
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
an update on the charter bus crash. one person killed, a dozen others injured. four of those in the hospital are said to be in critical condition. the bus is owned by a company called the wolf bus lines. it was leaving d.c. when it went off the hov flyover rampnd 45 feet down onto an embankment below. two cars crashed trying to avoid the bus.
6:55 pm
all las are closed at democracy boulevard. you can pick it up further north. southbound lanes are open, but the traffic is moving very slowly. some news for ur helt now, a new study has women in thr 40s questioning whether a mammogram is what the doctor ordered. what's being told to patients in sweden has gone against common practice in the u.s. nbc's kristen dahlgren has that story. >> reporter: the latest study comes from sweden where researchers found women in their 40s who had mammograms also had a 26% lower risk of dyingrom breast cancer. those results published less than a year after the u.s. preventive services ta force issued recommendations suggesting women in their 40s did not need routine mammograms. and just a week after a nor rejan researchers concluded mammograms had only a modest benefit of mortality rates? what's a woman to do? even cancer researchers admit it can be confusing. >> i don't think we should make
6:56 pm
any drastic changes based on any e one study rig now. >> reporter: instead experts recommend talking with your doctor and practicing breast self-awareness, different than the monthly exams that were once recommended. >> it's not trying to diagnose every luch and bump in your breast because most women have fibrosis tick changes but we're looking for things that are changing, something getting bigger and not going away with menstrual periods. >> reporter: doctors say women can also findope in newer and better screening technologies being used or developed. and researchers are learning more every day, even if it's sometimes har to sort through all the studies. the concern with routine mammograms with women in their 40ss they could give false positiveeads and cause unnecessary biopsies and cause undew stress. the bottom line is it should be a decision made between you and your doctor. kristen daul gren, nbc news.
6:57 pm
washington. i think they're going to be able to get it in. that's the good news. we saw rain earlier. it looks like the rain is ending so the season can end on a good note as ll. let's show you what's happened right now. we have seen some rain moving in over the last couple of hors. but notice here, the rain kind of fizzle out here. we'll take a zoom-in here around the district. you can see almost no rain around the district. the is heavy rain down to the uth around richmond and that rain is starng to move back to north and i expect that rain to come in overnight tonight and tomorrow morning. look at this rain toward parts of wilmington, north carolina. we'll see that rain move. so what are we seeing out there tonight? first off, this is round one. heavy rain, possibly flooding. i think the heaviest rain will be from the d.c. area to the west. tomoow night it's going to be to the east. heavy rain, windy conditions, especially along the chesapeake. winds ward of 15 to 30 miles
6:58 pm
an hour. gusts up to 40 miles an hour. another one to two inches likely in most locations and some areas could see two to four inches. it depends on where you are. flash flood watch for the entire area throw tomorrow night. also a cotal flood watch as well. so this evening, cloudy skies. some light rain continuing here and there. it will become heavier as we get into the overnight hours. tomorrow morning, periods of rain. some of that will be heavy at times. your forecast for tomorrow, periods of rain, heavy early, and becoming windy. andas we look to the next four days, clearing out just in time for the weekend. but it will be a rather cool weekend. >> wve got a lot to get through first though. >>e really do. >> thank you. >> 33 miners have been trapped in a golden copper mine. thy've been there since august 5. today authorities revised the estimate on when they might be rescued.
6:59 pm
the families are cheering because they were initially told that it would take until christmas to finish drilling holes that could be used to bring the men safely out of the mine. but today engineers said the work is going twice as fast as they expected. they say the men cld be rescued as soon as october. but they point out november is still more likely. still that's way better than the december date that they were originally given. >> good news for a change for those folks. >> it is. they could use some. that's it for now. "night news" coming up next. >> whope to see you again at "news 4 at 11:00." have a good evening. on the badcast tonight, on edge. in europe, after the discovery of what may a terrorist plot.

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